New Music Project – The Voice of Space

Here’s a new project I’ve been working on for the last few weeks, I’m really digging the new direction I’ve been going with this sound. I’m calling this thing The Voice of Space, after the famous painting by René Magritte. It’s heavily inspired by Mr. Bungle and Frank Zappa and has no chiptune in it.

Check out one of the new tracks I’ve put recently on my soundcloud

The Tale of Sloppy Joe :

Vices We Feed :


I can tell that you’re dazed by the ways I can bend this matter into a tune
Around your neck like a speck on the gristle of your old lady’s gold spittoon
Talking soul, no control, barrel rolling to a bottomless whiskey lagoon
Another dingus, cunning linguist, gonna bringus to the fungus on the face of the moon


Insanity spiraling around me
That no once else could have foreseen

A purpose not once thought needed
We all have vices we feed

Interlude Dialog

We’ve got a live one here folks,
this ones lean mean and ready to blow.
Step right up, step right up,
cause you’ll never get a chance to see something quite this sloppy in your lifetime.

We’re talking about a 69-cylinder mamma jamma that’s looking to fire it’s pistons right off into your own valves.
Doesn’t take much to fuel her up since she runs off the power of your heartstrings and pocketbooks.