Ableton Live Installer Download Utility

Just jammed out this small Vue.JS application that allows for downloading of Ableton Live installer files from their public CDN server.It was a fun way to test out both Vue and Nuxt as well as deploying to Github pages. I’ll try and stay on top of this with the latest releases as much as I … Continued

Heavy computer use and elbow clicking

As a lifelong computer user, I’ve been behind a keyboard and mouse for quite some time. I’ve used a nice standing desk for a bit to help with my posture, but for the last year or so I’ve realized my left elbow was clicking more than usual and a dull pain was starting to form. … Continued

Tokugawa Heavy Industries – Ambient Cyberpunk Music

Hey folks, coming at you with some new tunes from a project I’ve been slowly building upon over the last year. Lately I’ve been heavily inspired by ambient/synthwave/vaporwave projects like Hong Kong Express, Timecop1983 and Chihei Hatakayama and have decided to blend my own take on an ambient cyberpunk soundscape. These songs were created in … Continued

Nintendo 3DS boot9.bin download

Hey guys, Pi here today with another handy file for your your emulation pleasure. This time for the Nintendo 3DS we have a file that I spent a ton of time digging around on the internet for. The boot9.bin file can be used for various reasons, but most importantly to decrypt .3DS files to .CIA … Continued

macOS Mojave Dark Mode Toggle

Hey everyone! WWDC 2018 has just wrapped and damn has it been an awesome week for new functionality & enhancements for Apple software. I’ve upgraded all my devices to the latest betas and have been enjoying them greatly. Out of all the software announcements, one of the more welcome features of these betas is the … Continued

Policenauts for Sega Saturn with English Patch

Here’s a complete and patched English translation for the Sega Saturn version of Hideo Kojima’s last text adventure masterpiece, Policenauts. This comes with the proper .cue files as wel as an .m3u playlist for multi-disc functionality in OpenEmu and any other emulators that support multi-disc. If you are looking for Sega Saturn Bios for OpenEmu, … Continued

OpenEmu Sega Saturn BIOS Files

Hey guys, here’s another pack of bios files for OpenEmu. This time for Sega’s classic 32-bit console, the Sega Saturn. Finding the correct BIOS files for this through search engines and forums is a pain in the ass, so I figured I’d post up a zip I’ve compiled of the correct OpenEmu Sega Saturn BIOS … Continued

Dr. Zilog @ MAGFest 2018 Recap

A little over a week ago I was lucky enough to perform a Dr. Zilog show at MAGFest 2018 in Maryland. This was our second set with Eric W. Brown on drums and he absolutely killed it. Driving a grueling 50 hours back and forth with equipment was a little rough, but in the end … Continued

Super Mario Land 2 DX Patched Rom Download

Hey guys, here’s a download for a patched rom that I think every classic gamer should experience. Originally released in 1992 for the Original Gameboy, Super Mario Land 2 has received a color hack patch created by toruzz of fame. Here is a pre-patched download of the 90’s gameboy classic in glorious 8-bit color: … Continued