Earthbound Zero/Beginnings with English Patch

June 17, 2018

EarthBound Zero is an unofficial NES release for the first game in the Earthbound/Mother series.

After launching in Japan, Nintendo had the game fully localized for release in the US as EarthBound in 1990. But it was suddenly dropped due to the incoming SNES console release.

Before this happened, several prototypes were released for testing from Nintendo of America and these test carts eventually made their way to a rom translation group that released the prototype as EarthBound Zero.

It was released for the 1st time in the US on the Wii U as Earthbound Beginnings but many have said that Beginnings is essentially the same as the prototype release.

If you’re looking for an improved english version, check out Mother 25th anniversary edition here.

Download Earthbound Zero in English

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