LSD Emulator for Playstation

March 18, 2019

LSD Emulator is easily one of the strangest game concepts ever released for the PlayStation in Japan.

I’d call it less of a video game and more of a psychedelic art installation on a disc.

Creator Osamu Sato would take no offense to that opinion. As he admits to viewing it as more of a contemporary art piece than your ho-hum traditional game experience.

It all revolves around you exploring various dreamscapes, looking for various links to other dreams.

This all stemmed from a dream diary that Osamu kept to come up with all of these insane sequences. While the game was never localized to English, it can be fully experienced without having to know any Japanese.

The download below is a BIN and CUE rip of LSD Emulator tested to work in OpenEmu.

Get close to the CRT and dream away…

Download LSD Emulator for Playstation

Make sure you download your file from MEGA, anything else is spam. 🤘