macOS Mojave Dark Mode Toggle

Hey everyone!
WWDC 2018 has just wrapped and damn has it been an awesome week for new functionality & enhancements for Apple software. I’ve upgraded all my devices to the latest betas and have been enjoying them greatly.

Out of all the software announcements, one of the more welcome features of these betas is the new dark mode that’s been introduced with macOS 10.14 Mojave.
It’s a beautiful new dark skin that covers all the stock macOS applications and it really shows that they put a lot of thought and effort into it.

While I mostly have been leaving dark mode on, there are times where I need to switch back to the light theme.
Going to System Preferences -> General -> Light/Dark Appearance several times a day can get pretty tedious,
so this inspired me to code a solution for it.

I’ve created a small macOS menu bar application that allows you to switch between both light/dark modes.
It’s fast, lightweight and toggles dark mode appearance when you need it to.

This app is now available for $2 on my gumroad account.
Works with Yosemite, Sierra, High Sierra and the latest Mojave betas.
Please give it a shot and support my efforts in developing this handy little utility.

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Thanks! 💚