Music for Temple of YOG and February Tour

December 21, 2014

About the Game

For the past few months I’ve been working on a new soundtrack for Temple of Yog, a 2D rogue-like action game for the Wii U being developed by Cody Diefenthaler of ChudChud Industries.

I’ve been tasked with making the chiptune music that’ll pump up the player while he lays waste to devastatingly challenging enemies and bosses.

Here’s a few vines of the latest clips from the games development:

All graphic assets are being made by Lee Bretschneider, who has made some amazingly cool sprites and tiles for the game. I’ve seen various enemies and bosses that are going to look sick once their logic is in place.


We’ll be taking an arcade demo of Temple of Yog on a tour across the east coast of the USA and Canada starting February 20th. On top of performing the soundtrack, I’ll be playing a majority of the songs from my new Dr. Zilog album, Apothecary! I’ll have stickers, albums and hopefully shirts available for sale.

Check here for more tour information!

I’ll leave this post with a sampler of the songs from Temple of Yog: