Trump Time Magazine Generator

Here’s a look at a web application I made a few weeks ago that allows you to create fake time magazine covers.

Obstreperous (Music Video)

Cannot describe how happy I am with our new music video. The video was done by my friend Mitchell Pond who is now working for adult swim thanks to his awesome animation skills. The chiptune metal fits so perfectly with the circuit bent nintendo glitch art he generated. He also used a circuit bent VHS … Continued

ACF Blade Snippets

Over the past year and a half I’ve launched over 20 sites using the brilliant WordPress theme framework, Sage and the increasingly ubiquitous WordPress plugin, Advanced Custom Fields Pro. In the past months, Roots has migrated Sage’s templates to use the awesome power of Blade from Laravel which has been a proverbial godsend for my … Continued

New Dr. Zilog album, Unknown Command available now!

Would finally like to break the silence on here with the announcement that my new Dr. Zilog album, Unknown Command is now available for sale on audio cassette & Bandcamp digital download and all major audio streaming services. Pick your poision: Bandcamp Spotify Apple Music Google Play Would like to thank all the rad people … Continued

Temple of Yog reviewed on VICE News

After almost a few months of being out on the Wii U E Shop, Temple of Yog certainly seems to be finding it’s audience. As if it wasn’t surreal enough to have a game with your soundtrack, finding out that said game had been featured on VICE News only seems more insane. The article is … Continued

Music Video for Dr. Zilog’s cover of ‘Roses Are Free’

Had the great pleasure of seeing Ween this past weekend on one of their first gigs since they disbanded over 4 years ago. I went for the last night and needless to say it was an amazing experience. They played my dream setlist to an amazing light show and an extremely enthusiastic crowd. I couldn’t … Continued

Sega CD BIOS Files

For having so many great titles on it, it’s a shame that the Sega CD gets shat on as hard as it does. While there are a numerous amount of awful FMV games available like Corpse Killer, Sewer Shark & Double Switch, these games pale in comparison to some of my favorites like Snatcher, the … Continued

B Standard Guitar Fretboard in jQuery

When I first started Dr. Zilog, I was playing in Death Metal/Deathcore style bands which gravitated me towards lower tunings and in some cases what I vowed I’d never do, drop tuning. I wrote several DZ songs in these lower tunings, transcribed them over to chiptune and started using that as my tonal range for … Continued

Pixel Glitch 5.0 – Built on WordPress using Sage & Bootstrap

Excited to announce that I’ve upgraded to a new custom theme that I’m certain will power Pixel Glitch for several years to come. Pixel Glitch is now built on the Sage Starter Theme, a fantastic WordPress framework that I recently picked up on and have been using for work and personal projects. Unlike previous iterations … Continued

OpenEmu Playstation BIOS Files

With OpenEmu 2.0 releasing just yesterday, there are probably a few people out there who are having trouble playing PSX games on the awesome all-in-one emulator. Finding the correct BIOS files for this through search engines and forums is a pain in the ass, so I figured I’d post up a zip I’ve compiled of … Continued