Space Mutiny – Latest Game Updates

Hey everyone, wanted to post some info and a few new screens on what’s been going on with the game lately. A refresher… So as I was working on Space Mutiny the other day, I realized something pretty strange. I have been working on this project for almost a year and a half and still … Continued

Apothecary, 8-bit metal with guitar

While I admit this is way overdue, I still wanted to put a post up regarding my latest album, Apothecary. Available below is 2 years worth of chiptune and 8-bit metal writing insanity. Hope you enjoy!

Music for Temple of YOG and February Tour

About the Game For the past few months I’ve been working on a new soundtrack for Temple of Yog, a 2D rogue-like action game for the Wii U being developed by Cody Diefenthaler of ChudChud Industries. I’ve been tasked with making the chiptune music that’ll pump up the player while he lays waste to devastatingly … Continued

Recording to begin for the new Dr. Zilog album, Apothecary

I’m excited to announce that towards the end of December I’ll be commencing recording for my latest Dr. Zilog album, Apothecary. I’ll be recording at Hammertrax Studios here in Denver, Colorado by Eric Brown from Rainbowdragoneyes. With his help, this is sure to be one of the best recordings I’ll have put out. Stoked for … Continued

Apothecary available for pre-order

Starting yesterday, my new Dr. Zilog album Apothecary has been put up for pre-order on my Bandcamp! If you buy before the release date of February 18th 2015 you’ll get 1 dollar off the final album price. You’ll also be able to listen and download to chiptune only versions of the songs Halls of the … Continued

Space Mutiny Lives!

Here’s the latest screens from Space Mutiny, now running on Unity 5. I used Probuilder and ProGrids to create these levels and objects and it’s been an absolute blast to use. I’ve also implemented a proper dialogue system with branching text using the plugin, Dialoguer. It’s made the dialogue writing process so much easier and … Continued