Pixel Glitch 5.0 – Built using Sage 8 & Bootstrap 3

December 26, 2015

Excited to announce that I’ve upgraded to a new custom theme that I’m certain will power Pixel Glitch for several years to come.

Pixel Glitch is now built on the Sage Starter Theme, a fantastic WordPress framework that I recently picked up on and have been using for work and personal projects.

Unlike previous iterations of PG’s themes that I’d built, this one has shown me new ways to think about how I lay out web content. Being able to build with Bootstrap components and their excellent grid system has been pretty eye opening from a design stand-point.

Theme Development with Sage has allowed me to grasp new concepts in web development, mostly thanks to its use of Gulp, Bower and BrowserSync. These tools in the short run may take a bit to learn and become proficient at, but in the long run they speed up production by so much that I couldn’t picture going to back to development without them.

As the days go on, I’ll continue to post random updates regarding this theme and new features I add on in the future. Cant’ wait for the things that’ll come to this site and the knowledge that’ll be attained in doing so!

Thanks for reading!

– Pieter