Radical Dreamers v1.4 for SNES with English Patch

Radical Dreamers – Le Trésor Interdit is a Super Nintendo text adventure game by Square.

It was originally streamed through the Japanese Satellaview for the Super Famicom, which means almost no one got to play it.

While it takes place in the Chrono Trigger universe, it is more of a predecessor to the PlayStation RPG, Chrono Cross. With evident signs like characters named Serge, Kid, and Lynx as well as locations like Viper Manor. Yasunori Mitsuda also wrote quite a few songs for this game that ended up being staples of the Chrono Cross soundtrack.

Luckily the folks over at DemiForce got their hands on a copy of the game and gave it an excellent translation treatment.

This copy of the game has been translated from the Japanese version using this English patch.

Download Radical Dreamers in English

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