Space Mutiny – Latest Game Updates

April 20, 2015

Hey everyone, wanted to post some info and a few new screens on what’s been going on with the game lately.

A refresher…

So as I was working on Space Mutiny the other day, I realized something pretty strange.

I have been working on this project for almost a year and a half and still have yet to release a demo. I get the occasional fan message on twitter or GameJolt asking me for updates or something. So here ya go.

The development of Space Mutiny has still been moving along, it’s definitely a lot slower than I anticipated, but then again, I started this game when I was unemployed.

My current job allows me to do all the awesome things in life that I get to do, so that always comes first. Creating music is very important to me as well, but lately Space Mutiny has become more of a priority over my music projects as I have finally wrapped a few of those up.

The update to Unity 5 has been mostly positive, especially now that the pro license is now free. While the game runs great in the new engine, I’m stuck using a few plugins that have poor compatibility and need updates ASAP.

Such is the case with my dialogue system, which is really holding me back from completing the demo. Once a few of these updates are out, I’ll be able to continue with the dialogue side of the game.



Above you will find screens from the latest build of the game.

I’ve been building out more environments with ProCore tools, while it has the occasional bugs, it’s been really helpful in level development.

As always, thanks for your patience!