BS-X BIOS ROM Download

Here is the BS-X BIOS file required for playing SNES Sattelaview games. This is tested with OpenEmu on several BS titles. Download BS-X Bios ROM Make sure you download your file from MEGA, anything else is spam. 🤘

Hey guys, here’s another pack of bios files for OpenEmu. This time for Sega’s classic 32-bit console, the Sega Saturn. Finding the correct BIOS files for this through search engines and forums is a pain in the ass, so I … Continued

Sega CD BIOS Files

For having so many great titles on it, it’s a shame that the Sega CD gets shat on as hard as it does. While there are a numerous amount of awful FMV games available like Corpse Killer, Sewer Shark & … Continued