Temple of Yog reviewed on VICE News

February 18, 2016

After almost a few months of being out on the Wii U E Shop,
Temple of Yog certainly seems to be finding it’s audience.
As if it wasn’t surreal enough to have a game with your soundtrack, finding out that said game had been featured on VICE News only seems more insane.

The article is written by Mike Diver and is really positive. He explains a majority of the game pretty thoroughly and goes over the planned DLC Epoch’s ( Episodes ) that’ll be releasing over the next year.


“Temple of Yog is a twin-stick-shooter roguelike—which means that you use one stick to move and the other to shoot, and the top-down-perspective, pixel-art stages are randomly generated each time you play. It looks like something that could have come out on the Amiga; it sounds like something that could have come out on the Amiga, its music reminiscent of a Bitmap Brothers production. But this being 2016, there’s rather more to this title that surface impressions suggest. Indeed, it quickly becomes quite compelling.”