Hey everyone!WWDC 2018 has just wrapped and damn has it been an awesome week for new functionality & enhancements for Apple software. I’ve upgraded all my devices to the latest betas and have been enjoying them greatly. Out of all … Continued

After Trump was found to have created his own Time magazine cover and hung it up at one of his golf clubs. I decided to make a web app that easily allows you to create one with custom headlines and … Continued

ACF Blade Snippets

Over the past year and a half I’ve launched over 20 sites using the brilliant WordPress theme framework, Sage and the increasingly ubiquitous WordPress plugin, Advanced Custom Fields Pro. In the past months, Roots has migrated Sage’s templates to use … Continued

When I first started Dr. Zilog, I was playing in Death Metal/Deathcore style bands which gravitated me towards lower tunings and in some cases what I vowed I’d never do, drop tuning. I wrote several DZ songs in these lower … Continued