When I first started Dr. Zilog, I was playing in Death Metal/Deathcore style bands which gravitated me towards lower tunings and in some cases what I vowed I’d never do, drop tuning. I wrote several DZ songs in these lower … Continued

Just wanted to announce that I’ve begun work on my newest chiptune album, Unknown Command. I have already begun making some crazy new parts for songs, going from middle eastern to heavy metal style progressions. Looking to release this by … Continued

While I admit this is way overdue, I still wanted to put a post up regarding my latest album, Apothecary. Available below is 2 years worth of chiptune and 8-bit metal writing insanity. Hope you enjoy!

Starting yesterday, my new Dr. Zilog album Apothecary has been put up for pre-order on my Bandcamp! If you buy before the release date of February 18th 2015 you’ll get 1 dollar off the final album price. You’ll also be … Continued